Welcome to the From Africa to Patagonia Digital Archive!

Here you will find documents on the Language, Culture, and History of the Boer community in Patagonia, Argentina. Researchers can find historical letters, official documents, images, and periodicals in Spanish, English, Afrikaans, and Dutch that date from the Boers' arrival in Argentina in 1902 to the 1980s. Explore our collections for sources focused on Immigration and Early Settlement, Education and Religion, Language and Identity, and The South-African Community in Argentina Today. 

This digital archive was assembled by the members of the Humanities Collaboratory project From Africa to Patagonia: Voices of Displacement at the University of Michigan. This project is led by an interdisciplinary research team investigating the unique linguistic and cultural contact between spanish and Afrikaans in Patagonia, Argentina.

This growing collection is based on the Brian Murray du Toit Collection at Yale, the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, and materials donated by community member Sarie DeLanger. We are constantly updating, so keep an eye out for new sources!

Recently Added Items

La cenicienta del sur (1921)

La cenicienta del sur.pdf

An argument against the view of Patagonia as a backwards and savage region.